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About Me.

J. Adam Davis (American, born 1983)

J. Adam Davis was born and raised in a rural town in Northeast Georgia.  Much of his childhood was spent carrying around various sketch books and drawing in them whenever he could find the chance to sit.  Adam earned a B.F.A. in Drawing & Painting from the University of Georgia, in Athens, GA.  His work has always been characterized by his deft draftsmanship and a strong figurative presence.  While in college, he remained determinedly focused on Realism in an environment where Conceptualism and Post-Modern tendencies were the predominantly praised schools of expression.

Davis’ current work is simultaneously realistic and magical; figurative and ornamental; and comforting and provocative. Whether working in charcoals on gray paper or in oils on panels, most of his work combines painterly depictions of the human figure, often combined with gold leaf accents. The imagery is often somber and contemplative, and utilizes personal symbolism while exploring universal themes. Davis has a unique style that places figures in dream-like situations, or in positions where they interact with the decorative aspects of the piece. His works portray beauty in the quiet moments of life and a sense of wonder at the magic of the seemingly mundane.

Adam’s award-winning artwork has been shown throughout North America, and has been included in publications such as Poets & Artists magazine and the hardback North Light book, Strokes of Genius 10: Inspiring Subjects.  Three of his drawings are also included in the Lunar Codex; a collection of over 30,000 pieces of art preserved to gold NanoFiche technology in time capsules on the surface of the moon.


Adam is a member of the Portrait Society of America and the Portrait Society of Atlanta. He and his wife live in Hartwell, GA with their amazing son, and two dogs.

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Artist Statement

My work is founded on the belief that the human form, both male and female, is the ultimate expression of natural beauty.  I have found that over the years, I thrive when I impose restrictions and limitations on myself as to what I cannot do visually.  I self-impose rules, restricting my choices.  In doing this, I force myself to find newer, better, and hopefully more compelling ways to present my vision.  My work explores and questions the notion that life itself is a profoundly magical occurrence.  I explore through allegory and symbolism, moments great and small, and ideas that make up the human experience.  In the past few years I have found more and more inspiration from my native Southeastern (US) roots and landscape.  I hope to elevate "The South" in representation through contemplative and beautiful fine art.

I constantly strive to push myself and my work forward in a contemporary mindset and language while constantly looking to the indispensable lessons of the Masters.

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